Glory, Glory Hallelujah! (Better known as “Louie”)

Hallelujah! (Louie)
Hallelujah! (Louie)

When starting the Loula Long Combs Driving Experience, we began looking for Hackney horses to properly represent the way Loula drove horses.

Walkabout Farms is very pleased to announce the arrival of EQL Hallelujah (otherwise known as “Louie”).  He is a seven year old gelding, a pure Hackney horse showing fine harness since two years old, winning numerous times at the Royal Canadian and Louisville, Kentucky horse park – already a champion!!

Louie is over sixteen hands tall and is chestnut with four white socks and white blaze.  Louie is currently being leased to “Walkabout Farms” under very generous arrangements through John and Morgan Beilfuss.

We have started Louie in heavy-harness and pulling a Phaeton.  He has already done his first film appearance released in the fall 2007.

Louie is our long awaited opportunity to tell the story of what we consider one of the most interesting ladies of the horse show-ring, and also give people the chance to see this magnificent breed as it was back when Loula Long Combs was the “Queen Of The American Royal.”

In the first picture, Robyn Walker of
“The Loula Long Combs Driving Experience”
brings Champion Hackney horse “Louie” to
Longview Farm Elementary School (former Show Horse Barn).
Other recent pictures of “Louie” have been added since.

For several years, “Louie” has been school mascot for
Longview Farm Elementary School on Loula Long Campus.

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Robyn Walker with Champion Hackney horse “Louie”   

More about Louie and what he will be doing to help represent the R. A. Long Historical Society will be available here on this website and on:

Craig and Louie
Craig and Louie

We have been working on obtaining Louie for a very long time and we believe this is one of the things that Loula is helping to make happen.

Craig Walker & Robyn Walker

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